your skin will know that something special has happened
Rejuvenate your skin today with the My Konjac Sponge!
Follow the journey from Konjac plant to sponge:


  • This actually helps calm the oil on my skin and I don’t even have to use a harsh alcohol-based astringent. I feel like it keeps the oil off my skin after I use it

    — Jennifer
  • These sponges exfoliate my skin PERFECTLY. Not too hard and not too soft. I think these are way better than muslin cloths, drugstore facial exfoliating pads and even rotating skin brushes!

    — Jen Mathews (
  • Awesome product!! Been using it for a week, improve my oily skin and the soft texture works for my baby too 🙂

    — Jessica Ong
  • i can feel this sponge really soft and i love how the unique texture of this product touch my skin.

    — Margy
  • I basically love the products because: the products is fun to look at (funny looking hahahah), feel good when I use it during the shower (I get addicted to it), and I feel cleaner (instead of using my own hand and soap). PLus it’s a good tiems to be given to other people as small gifts

    — Kwik Wan Tien
  • love the product. My skin gets so smooth after the first use….. keep up the good work

    — Merry Susanti
  • I love it and would recommend it for anyone who wants to have a clean face and body. With everyday usage and great results, I’d say it’s very worth the price.

    — Yuri
  • Thank you for creating the best cleansing sponge in the world!! I really love my konjac sponge

    — Malvin Kiswoyo
  • Just got my sponge today..I got the charcoal one..its kinda unique..feels like marshmallow with pores..I like the way my skin feels afterwards, smooth, n my one face cream absorbs better with it too..can’t wait to try all the variants \(>o<)/ thanks konjac sponge 😉

    — Novita Hwang
  • I use a  sponge for 3 times today, my pimples become dry and it improve my skin texture!! amazing!

    — Cominica Leni Diana
  • I’m enjoying my face washing session even more~ ^_^

    — Stephanie Nangoi
  • Awesome product and unik actually, waktu aku ngremes sponge sich sama pake sabun bisa nghasilkan busa buanyak bannget….. excellent product my sis….. keep it up….. gue dukung elo my sis…..

    — Erlangga Wibowo
  • Awesome product!!! I’ve only used it a couple days and my skin is a lot better! =)

    — Florence Kurniawan
  • Awesome product!!

    — Sylvia Leonardi
  • Thank you for your wonderful products!

    — Joel Setyo
  • Bought My Konjac Sponge product for my wife and she is loving it! Thank you so much!

    — Joshua Artono